• 99% gold ultrastrong cast framework
• Natural esthetics, luminesence and fluoresence
• exact match to your patients teeth
• No special preparation
• Accurate fitting to prevent tooth decay


Trugold products offer CAD/CAM framework design and true casting method for fabrication of single unit crowns up to 6 unit bridges. The porcelain used for the superstructure for all Trugold Crowns and Bridges is layered on the Trugold frame or coping using an exclusive technique for the ultimate in esthetics. Crowns and bridges are made with a 99% pure gold alloy.

features and benefits

  • Ultra strong one piece framework
  • 99% gold alloy for a natural warm gold color achieving superior esthetic results and high levels of patient satisfaction.

  • Trugold crowns and bridges fit the tooth more accurately helping to prevent secondary tooth decay.
  • High degree of biocompatibility
  • High plaque resistance and tissue tolerance

trugold® vs captek

Cad/Cam Designed and Printed Custom coping or FrameworkMade with a hand process, subject to human error.
99% Pure GoldComposite Alloy less than 86% *2 Gold
Bridges up to 6 units 1 piece Framework 4 units max *1 requires separate pontic hand assembled into place
5 year warranty on frame Direct from manufacturerWarranty varies from lab to lab Typically 1 year
No difference in Marginal FitNo difference in Marginal Fit
Made on original die no chance For distortionMade on duplicate refractory die. Subject to distortion during duplication process.
Single Piece Solid Gold Casting Made from several pieces of foil swedged and pressed in place by laborious hand process.
5 Year Guarantee

Insist on original Trugold restorations. Look for this genuine Trugold certificate, teturned with every Trugold restoration. All Trugold restorations include a limited 5 year warranty against breakage or fracture of the Trugold coping or frame.

trugold preparation requirements

Crown and bridge preparation

*1 based on Captek Traditional material.
*2 based on Captek Nano material.