• biocompatible
• excellent esthetics
• precision fit
• cementable and bondable

biocrown® family
teeth the way nature intended - in only two days

better fit

With the old wax process, technicians polished and finished the casting, which could lead to distortion and grinding inconsistencies. Quality often depended on whether a technician had a good or bad day. Recigno laboratories uses a laser scanning process that guides the manufacture of each Biocrown crown, bridge, veneer, inlay or onlay-a much more accurate method that ensures a better fit.

better morphology

Unique computer algorithms simulate the ideal tooth, and precise anatomy correlations guide the high tech fabrication process, so you can be assured that all features will be in place on the finished Biocrown.

faster turnaround

The laser scanning and CAD/CAM process cuts down considerably the time it takes to completely fabricate a Biocrown crown. Only two days in the lab! Because of the better fit and morphology, you spend less time fitting and adjusting the restorations and the patient spends less time in the chair.

biocrown® ceramic - 2 day turnaround

Stained and glazed final ceramic restoration
Stained and glazed
final ceramic restoration

Now you can offer your patients the ultimate restoration with an in lab turnaround time of only 2 days for Biocrown Ceramic. Increase your patient satisfaction levels with the ultimate esthetics, ultimate fit and ultimate turnaround time that only Biocrown ceramic restorations can offer. Features include:

  • Wear rate similar to natural enamel.
  • Excellent lifelike esthetics and high polishibility for improved patient satisfaction.
  • Chameleon effect - blends in with surrounding teeth.

biocrown® np - porcelain to non-precious

Stained and glazed final ceramic restoration

We start out by scanning your die or bridge as the first step to making your Biocrown np Porcelain to Non-Precious Crown or Bridge, then we hand apply porcelain to each coping or frame using a unique porcelain buildup technique for the ultimate in esthetics and function. Unlike the lost Wax process, the resulting Biocrown np crown or bridge will fit better than other competing systems. Biocrown np is available for single unit crowns anywhere in the mouth and bridges up to a full roundhouse.

Preparation - crown

bioveneer® - no preparation required!

Bioveneer is as thin a contact lens.

Finished Bioveneer case

How thin is a bioveneer?

Due to its superior strength and our use of a special CAD/CAM guided fabrication process, Recigno Bioveneer can be made as thin as a contact lens and placed over existing teeth without painful removal of tooth structure. An attractive alternative to tooth reduction, Bioveneer is perfect for stained, chipped, misaligned or spaced teeth-and backed by a limited five-year warranty.

bioveneer comparison

biobridge® - alumina or zirconia

Biobridge is available in two versions. Biobridge Alumina for a more translucent framework that can be placed in the anterior section of the mouth, and Biobridge Zirconia available for extra strength all ceramic bridges anywhere in the mouth.

Biobridge Zirconia Framework

Biobridge Finished Zirconia Bridge

preparation: bridge

bioinlay® / bioonlay® - 2 day turnaround

Preoperative condition before restoration

3-D design of proposed inlay

preparation: bridge